Welcome and thank you for your interest. Here you'll find my (currently small.. well ok, tiny) collection of LightWave plugins/tools, dubbed "bly tools".

Incremental Save

Incremental object and scene save plugins. Save backup copies with incremental file names to a configurable location and format, while leaving the original filename untouched.

Texture and Normal Map Baker

Modeler plugin for easy baking of hi-res geometry to lo-res geometry texture maps. Supports baking of various surface channels and normal maps.

DDS Image I/O

I/O plugin to add DDS image file support.

GIF Image I/O

I/O plugin to add GIF image loading support.

LScript Snippets

Misc quick and simple scripts to be used as is or serve as a starting point.

Note: If LightWave version info listed by plugins is limited up to LW 11. That doesn't mean they won't work in newer versions, just that I haven't had the ability to fully test them. Based on second hand information it does however appear that they also work up to at least LW 2015.